Transformation with Ayurveda

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Make the best of Ayurvedic wisdom.

Implement time based solutions to your everyday life.

28th September 5.30 PM (CET)

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Even if you know the theory, it won't change your life.

The practice will.

That’s why you need a good plan of action.

Many people said, that over last years I’ve transformed, but actually...

I only found, what I have lost.

My inner joy was always there - I just needed to reconnect.

It's like connecting the right puzzles.

Once you will find the first one, it gets easier.

But the thing, which is most difficult is finding the courage to start.

I would say, that it’s essential.

Imagine, that you don’t feel lost anymore.

You know how to start and what should be your first steps.

You know, that the roadmap in your hands will lead you to results.

Results, that will change your life.

If you will be at the webinar...

... you will know how to use Ayurveda in everyday life in modern reality.

... you will learn how to take care of your health, both - physical and emotional.

... you will find it easier to start making changes, because you will know the direction.

... you will learn time tested strategies how to feel better in your own skin.

... you will experience the amazing simplicity of Ayurvedic wisdom.

... you will know what should be your first step on the path to change.

Dr Shivani Sood

I am an Ayurvedic Doctor and NLP Practitioner.

My mission is to make Ayurvedic concepts understandable.

I share my passion for Ayurveda with my husband.
In Dharamshala we have founded
Shivani Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic.

I’ve discovered that combining Ayurveda with NLP can bring great results and since 17 years I help others to empower themselves.

In my free time I love to travel. I believe it really opens your mind. I also spend a lot of time in the mountains. Climbing gives me a lot of mental clarity.

What my students say about

learning with me?

At the beginning, I was a little bit skeptical in studying Ayurveda online. Definitely, it was beyond my expectations. Now, with the Ayurveda structural concepts and feeling self-empowered,
I’m ready to delve in deeper.

Andreia Rodrigues,

ACOC student

Vanessa Vasquez Gaete,

ACOC student

The course is a good tool to get to know each other, become introspective. To respect and help yourself.

Kaveh Abbasi,

ACOC student

It should be taught to kids at school instead of all the rubbish the school system forces kids to go through.

See you on Friday!

28th September 5.30 PM (CET)

Signing up for the webinar is closed.