Online Ayurvedic consultation

with Dr Shivani Sood

Ayurveda connects the dots and shows you the complete picture

Are you tired of visiting doctors only to find that your issues still remain unresolved?

Are you hoping that somebody would look at the whole picture not just diseases and symptoms?

With a good reference point changes are easier to implement.

Explore the word of Ayurveda based on individual approach to health . When we understand our current situation with a larger perspective it changes the whole scenario. We see the path we need to follow for our complete healing and understand that the changes have to be made by us . Everyone else is a guide

Everything is changeable.

Even the deepest problems you have.

Intensive health consultation

  • For those with health problems needing expert opinion and are ready to identify their pattern which makes them sick and heal it .
  • It combines the essential components of natural healing: nutrition, psychology and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • You will be given advice in the following areas:
  • Brief of your current situation
  • Undertanding the steps you need to heal the sickness
  • Specific dietary recommendations 
  •  Herbal Prescription
  •  Lifestyle recommendations appropriate for you
  • An insight on your mental state and its connection with the current state 
  • Clarity insights and teqniques to resolve the mental stress you are experiencing 

  • Price: 250 dollars
  • Duration: 2 hours

I had more emotional difficulties

and more recently physical problems.

I feel more equipped to be able to deal with these now and understand how the basics need to be corrected.

I was so busy with solving things rather than understanding that I lost touch with myself.

Dr Shivani’s psychological help was really useful.

I wish I had this simpler understanding earlier.

Laura, Canada

I invite you to work with me

It’s not always easy to apply knowledge.

Old and ineffective habits are sometimes very strong and become major obstacles to change.

Our Online Coaching program was created based on our experience with patients. We see their everyday struggle - even if they know what to do, they are not really sure HOW to do it.

With careful and compassionate guidance we will support you in your journey in the true spirit of companionship and help you overcome your health issues you by studying unique aspects of your life and understanding your emotional needs and reactions. This will help us to find effective strategies that are PERSONALIZED to your specific needs.

Choose the best option for you

Basic coaching package

For those, who need guidance and support in implementing new habits.

A good healing plan that is backed up with support from a knowledgeble and experienced coach gives you a clear and easy understing of Ayurvedic principles and ensures that you take the necessary actions to create your state of ideal health.

You will receive:

- A realistic, step-by-step plan of healing with the right combination of herbs, nutrition and psychological support.

- Observing changes and adapting advice as per the circumstances.

- Clarity about how you would really like to feel and checking if it resonates with your true nature.

- Herbal support based on careful body examination.

- Understanding of your body and mind type based on Ayurveda.

Sessions per month: 60 minutes, three times per month

Price per month: 300 $

Minimum commitment: 3 months

Intensive coaching package

For those with health and/or psychological problems needing more personalized attention.

You will receive:

- All features in basic coaching package.

- Intensive coaching sessions every week.

- Tracking your daily progress.

- Giving you new strategies on how to deal with your challenges based upon your own abilities.

- Specially designed nutritional plan twice per month.

Sessions per month: 90 minutes, three times per month

Price per month: 800 dollars

Minimum commitment: One month

Dr. Shivani Sood raises the bar for competence, compassion and caring.

She completely embodies a highly realized human being. Her consciousness really moves me.

Her training, experience, and skill are very special and her work has been life transforming for me.

I feel that everyone helped me become my greatest version.


I have been client of dr Shivani for more than

3 years from now.

It means for me continiual

transformation process.

Thank you for your knowledge, your wisdom, your love, your courage.

I feel supported by your whole beeing,

I'm letting go the old stuff

and learning to be simply just be myself.

Thank you for each consultation and session.

No other therapie was so effective before.

Dev Darshan

Ayurvedic Online Coaching will be useful if:

You want to work on your psychological well being

If you experience fears, anxiety, irritability, anger issues or depression.

You want to build better relationship with yourself and others

You want to feel good in your skin

You will start to appreciate your unique talents, which you were born. You will experience the oneness of your mind, body and spirit.

It will help if you you want to lose weight or suffer from eating disorders, thyroid problems, digestive issues, food intolerance, allergies, asthma etc.

You will learn how to communicate and how to understand others' needs. You will also transform your inner communication and develop better self understanding.

You want to work on healing a specific disease

The Ayurvedic health coaching WON’T be useful if:

You don’t want to change your lifestyle.

You don’t want to change your habits.

You are not willing to look within for a solution.

You want someone else to solve your problems.

You have already declared your identity and want to change nothing.

Free first consultation

This offer is for those, who want to start health coaching, but are not sure which option will suit them best.

You will get an evaluation of your current condition and practical advice on how to deal with it.

Doctor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery,

Holistic Coach, NLP Practicioner

After travelling all over the world, organising Ayurvedic consultations

and workshops, I've realised one thing.

The healing process is not effective when I only tell patients what they need to do on the road to heal. The most important change factor appeared to be showing them how to do it.

That’s why I’ve designed unique coaching programmes, which combine Ayurveda, psychology and nutrition science.

Together with my husband we've created Shivani Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center, where we help patients empower themselves since 17 years.

Dr Shivani Sood


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